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Big licks to you! My name is Suzuki aka Suzi. I am 8 years old and have lived with my Mum and Dad since I was 6 weeks old! I have a younger sister named Tahlia, a younger brother named Scooby Doo and a rabbit brother named Brandon. I am a water baby, I love the beach and my favourite past time is boogey boarding. I love the colour purple and lots of attention! I am a show off and love to compete in different competitions. I was in the WA finals for Pet Fashion Week in 2006 and I won Mandurah's Cutest Pet in 2007. I am also featured in the 2009 Dog A Day Calendar for the RSPCA as Miss 5th December. I have an older brother named Jerry-Lee who I dont see anymore... Mum says he went to the Rainbow Bridge and I will see him again one day.


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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The problem with Scooby...

As most of you know, Scooby was having some "male" issues recently and Mummy and Daddy had to take him to get his new-ters so he would get better.
The problem stopped but Scooby's personality has changed.
He is much more aggressive now. He tried to bite Mummy the other day and he attacked me today too. I am OK, I was just shocked.
He has also started taking things that don't belong to him... food off of tables etc and he would nevfur have done that before.
Mummy wanted me to ask my friends to ask their Mums and Dads if anything like this has evfur happened to any of their dogs after they got new-ters.
Scooby is older (6 years) and because Tahlia and myself have both already been "fixed" and Scooby nevfur had any personality issues, Mummy was not going to bother getting him new-ters and if it hadn't been fur his medical issues she would not have had it done.
Mummy is worried because her and Daddy have both said that if Scooby hurts me and Tahlia or one of them he will need to find a new home.
Can anyone offur any advise?
Big licks to you

Easy like Sunday morning

Tahlia & I love Sunday mornings because it means Mum AND Dad are home all day with us.
This morning when Mum woke up, she put Beverley Hills Chihuahua on the DVD player fur Daddy to watch. He will nevfur admit it, but, he liked it :)
We watched it with her a few weeks ago. Tahlia was upset afterwards because it made her think of Rambo and she misses him.

On a happier note, our cousin Scruff has been spotted at a coyote feeding station.
Khyra suggested that maybe Zim could help us get him back since he speaks coyote.
Hopefully he says yes... I'm sure Bark Kent will be grateful, she is furry fond of Scruff :)

Big licks to you

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last chance fur your Lorenza Questions!

Attention all pups!
You now have less than 24 hours to get your Lorenza questions to me at shannan_paul@iprimus.com.au
And yes, the "how many dresses do you have" question has been asked :)

Also, some pups have asked when the RSVP cut off date is to get photos in fur the wedding... You still have a few weeks left to email them through. We are checking the email twice daily fur RSVP's but sometime this is still not enough. If you receive a message back saying the mailbox is full, try again the next day.

Big licks to you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FFF Readers Choice, Wedding Update & Presents!

The winner of the Five Fur Friday Readers Choice Comeback Interview is....


With 39% of the votes, you chose Lorenza as the pup YOU would most like to interview. So, what you need to do now is pee mail me the question you want to ask her before 5pm this Friday (Western Australian Time) and I will send her the interview of compiled questions. The interview will feature next friday 5th June. shannan_paul@iprimus.com.au

Mummy has been a bit slack helping me upload my parcel photos lately.
First up, a package from Addie to help me in my Biggest Loser journey.

Thanks Addie!

Next up, a package from Mochi fur winning her 100th post contest.

Look at all the toys and cookies!

Mochi's Mum even sent cookies fur my Mum & Dad!

"Get out of it Tahlia! It was addressed to me!"
Tahlia: "But the note from Mochi says its fur all of us!"

Thanks Mochi & Sherri!

And finally, a wedding update....
A few pups have asked what sort of photos they should be sending in. You can already be dressed or you can be naked. If you would like Mummy to dress you, just let her know when you pee mail your photo through.
Don't furgetRSVP by sending your photo to scoobylove@iprimus.com.au
If you will be bringing a partner, please email their photograph too.

Here is the current guest list:
If you have sent your photo through and your name is not on this list, please send it through again as we have not received it.

Addie, Lucie & Hailey
Agatha & Archie
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie
Chef attending with Honey
Darla Jean & Feather Louise
Joey & Zeke
Lola the Puggle
Mr Puggle
Storm & Jackal
Tessa & Rae
and a mysterious black pup who I think may be Tobi?

Big licks to you

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scooby's Wedding Update

Lady & Scooby

invite you to join them to celebrate their union.

Saturday 26th June 2009

RSVP by sending your photo to scoobylove@iprimus.com.au

If you will be bringing a partner, please email their photograph too.

Please include your blog address also.

Dress will be semi-formal fur a casual wedding.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Fur Friday #11 ARMY OF FOUR Readers Choice

Bark Kent: Welcome to another edition of Five Fur Friday! This week I take on a record of 4 pups at once. They are four of the hottest looking sibes around, the Army of Four! Thank you fur taking the time to bark with me today, I'm sure a lot of pups out there are looking forward to learning more about you.

Storm: Thank YOU for having us, Bark. This is quite an honor!

Zim: Yeah, Bark, this is really great!

Dave: Woo. That badge for our blog is really cool, too. Very colorful.

Ammy: This is really, really sweet, Bark and thank you for doing it and thank you to the readers for voting for us!

Bark Kent: Zim, I have noticed that you have an amazing zen-like ability to make any animal trust you. Is this something you can teach other pups out there or was it something you were born with?

Zim: Well, Bark.... have I told you how gorgeous you are, by the way? It's really a bit of both. Part of it, I was just born with. And the other part, I sort of developed. You see, I spent the first year and a half of my life tied to a tree - no interaction with anyone. I learned to talk by listening to the coyotes at night, in fact - until Storm taught me the ways of the Siberian. But I learned that if I could lure kit-cats, bunnies and other animals over to me, let them know they can trust me, I'd have someone to hang out with. And they'd have someone, too. It's mutually beneficial! There's a great book a biped wrote called "On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals", by Turid Rugass. (That's a hyperlink to a post we did about the book.) It discusses some of the things I do there - and how you can emulate the behaviors.

Bark Kent: Thank you Zim :) Dave, I understand you are Guide Dog fur the colour blind, can you tell us what that involves?

Dave: Woo, Bark. Yep. Our mom is clinically color-blind. Color Blind females are only 0.4 to 0.5% of the population! When I was adopted, she noticed that I have great sense of color - I think my first task was choosing the tiles and grout for our Library/Media Room and Gallery. I got to go to the flooring store with Mom because we were on our way somewhere else. All of the tiles looked the same to Mom, but I kept keying on one of them - so Mom picked that one. The lady at the store was very impressed with me and said my choice would go great with the carpet and wood trim. Woo. Mom told her right then that I am her Guide Dog for the Color Blind! I also chose the brick pavers for the path that winds around our yard, but my main thrust is working in Mom's Studio. She is a handbag designer and a quilter. Sometimes I'll lead her to great fabrics, other times I'll approve her selections. But often, I have to disapprove of the color combos she comes up with - and I let her know about it, loud and clear! That's my job - making sure that everything that comes out of the Studio "goes"! (You can follow what we do at this link, if you're interested! http://bagsbykzk.blogspot.com/)

Bark Kent: My Mum, I mean, Suzuki's Mum is colour blind too! She is the red/green colour blind. Storm, who was the first member of the Army of Four to find their furever home there?

Storm: That's me, Bark! I was adopted back in '97, when I was about a year and a half old! It was just me and Great brother Booter back then. He was an Aussie/Lab mix who had been raised by Mom and Dad's first Sibes, Jesse and Lucky. Mom said once I learned how to share and how to trust (I had a few... issues), she'd let me have a puppy of my own - because I LOVE puppies! A couple years later, she and Dad brought Ammy home to us!

Bark Kent: Ammy, who was the first pup to bark on your blog and do you still bark with them today?

Ammy: The VERY handsome Tubey was the first pup to comment on our blog, and I'm happy to say we're still in contact with him! His blog and Meeshka's blog were our inspirations! Can you believe we've made over 980 posts now!?!?

Bark Kent: 980? That's amazing! Finally, your Mum is going to take you on a weekend adventure but you can only choose one of the others to go with you, who do you choose and why?

Storm: Well, this is a hard call. As Sibes, we like to stick together! We're a tight pack and are happiest when we're all present and accounted for. Mom would have to take all of us, and Dad, too. I'd order her to - and I'd help her find a way to do just that!

Zim: Oh, wow, Bark! What a hard question! I agree with Storm that we'd rather all be together. If I absolutely HAD to choose, though... I'd probably take ... Dave. No wait! Stormy! No... I think Ammy! I've gotta go take a nap and think about this, OK?

Dave: Woo. Can it be just me and Mom? Ha woo. Just kidding. Ditto what Storm and my kid brother said. But if I HAD to choose.... I'd choose Zim. He's the best kid brother a guy could ask for.

Ammy: Will there be combs and brushes involved? Because if there are, I'd rather stay here. If not... well, truth be told, Zim is the favorite playmate for each of us. But if we break routine, I get really upset and get an upset tummy... and so I'd really rather we all go or we all stay home. We're just a very, very happy pack when we're together!!!

Bark Kent: Thanks again fur barking with me today, it's been pawsome meeting you all.

Storm: It's been an honor, Bark! We love this feature on your blog and always look forward to reading it! We never thought we'd be interviewed!

Zim: Yeah, Bark - we never dreamed we'd be interviewed by the very famous, talented and may I say dreamy (?) Bark Kent. So.... err.... are you busy after the interview? I'd love to take you out for a cappuccino or something!

Dave: Woo, Bark. Thanks for doing this. Oh... and that red cape looks really great on you. Seriously.

Ammy: Thank you SOOOOO much, Bark! You're very sweet and I never dreamed I'd meet someone as famous as you are and we all DO feel very honored to be interviewed by you! I'd say more, but Stormy said we need to go! Thanks, Bark Kent!

Bark Kent: I would love to go out fur a cappuccino. Us reporters need our caffeine to function :) Until Next time this is Bark Kent signing out!
Suzuki: Barrrrrrrkkkkk! Waaaaaaiiiiitttttt! She's gone :( And she left without telling you about this weeks poll. Well, I suppose Zim is furry good looking, no wonder she was distracted. There will be no Five Fur Friday interview next week. Ovfur the next couple of days you will be voting on which previous FFF interviewee you would like to interview yourself. That's right. Evfurry pup will have the chance to ask a question of the pup who wins this poll. We will bring back the winner and you will all have the chance to ask them what evfur you like! So vote now and as soon as the winner is announced I will post on how you can get your questions to me.
Big licks to you

Lady Godiva's GO DIVA Friday!

I will sit where evfur I want!

Have you met Lady Godiva? She is Princess Coco's little sister. And evfurry friday, she hosts GO DIVA Friday. Are you selfish, pampered &/or spoiled? Are you overly dramatic? Will you do anything to get what you want? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, than guess what...You are a Diva!
Lady Godiva would love fur you to play. I will be posting my photos one day early (due to Bark Kent hogging my blog on Friday's). And boys can be Diva's too...all you need is a picture of you giving your best Diva (give me what i want cause I'm cute) face or pose. Show her what your pampered life looks like!

This weeks Five Fur Friday will be featuring some time this weekend due to Mummy not setting the voting end time properly. Silly Mummy!
This weeks Readers Choice Winner is...
The Army of Four
So check back this weekend to see Bark's interview with them.

Big licks to you

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working fur the Snuggle Puggle - Mummy's Birthday

Hello furry friends. I am furry busy tending to my Mummy's birthday needs. That's right! It's Mummy's Birthday today. She is 31! Mummy had to go to work today, she doesn't normally work on her birthday because evfurry-one at Mummy's work knows Mummy has been married fur 9 years and when they ask how old she is, the furry next question out of their unthoughtful mouths is usually when are you going to have children? This upsets Mummy furry much. She has us fur kids and we do a pawsome job as "replacement kids". They don't know Mummy's "problems" and should think before they speak. I know have a lot of work ahead this evening making Mummy smile again. But I can do it.
Big licks to you

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Million Paws Walk!

On our way...

Me & Dad going to check out some of the stalls

A pack a vicious, attack dashies :)

Me & Mum

Me & Mum

Michael Braun from the West Coast Eagles

A BIG doggie who didn't want to have his bath

Stylin'... Maybe Checkers would like a pair of these...

A good looking pair of sibes

Ovfur 15000 hoomans and their fur kids showed up in Perth to raise money fur the RSPCA today

So many furry new friends

Half way there...

A group of airedales just hanging out

Me & Dad in front of the Perth skyline

Bark Kent even made an appearance!

The finish line...

The car ride home, with the wind blowing in my fur-do BOL!

Thank you to evfurry pup and hooman who sponsored me fur today.
I had so much fun raising money fur the pups and other furries that need furever homes.
As soon as I find out how much money was raised I will pupdate you.
Big licks to you

Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Fur Friday #10 DAKOTA, PHANTOM & THUNDER Readers Choice

Bark Kent: Hello loyal readers and welcome to the 10th Five Fur Friday Interview or should I say Interwoo. This week you voted fur none other than Dakota, Phantom & Thunder and here they are... Welcome guys! Thank you fur taking the time to bark with me today.

Dakota: Hi Bark Kent. And welcome to the heartland of America. We hope you enjoy your visit to Overland Park, Kansas. We are quite excited to meet the famous Bark Kent.

Phantom: Yes, we can't wait to get this interview underway.

Thunder: Hey, don't forget about me. I may be the youngest but I always have lots to say.

Bark Kent: Well let's get started then! Who is "the leader of the pack?"

Thunder: Well, to be completely honest, we all know that the real leader here is the Mom - after all she controls everything - our food, treats, walkies, new toys, the password to the laptop...

Phantom: Excuse me, TD. Bark Kent means the leader of the pack. You know, the fur pack.

Thunder: Oh, sorry about that. Well, Bark Kent, since I am the biggest and the strongest and the best-looking pup here, you might think it is ME. But no, I know my place in this pack. The princess Dakota is our true pack leader. She IS the oldest and she IS a woman - so you know how that goes. Both Phantom and I have total respect for her. She gets to go out the door first, she gets treats first, she gets her food bowl first, you know how that goes. And then Phantom is #2. He isn't very pushy but he does let me know that I am the baby here.

Bark Kent: Who was the first pup to bark on your blog and do you still bark with them today?
Phantom: That is the easiest question to answer. We would not have a blog if it weren't for the pestering, I mean strong urging, from Miss Fluffy Tail herself, Khyra, and her secretary. So once we did get out blog going on July 4, 2008, it was only appropriate that Khyra be the first to woof her wise words. And yes, we all still woo together every day. Khyra hasn't let out her woo yet but she does bark to us a lot.

Bark Kent: I understand that you were diagnosed with Cushing's Disease a year ago. Firstly, is this something you are comfortable barking about and if so, would you like to explain to our readers, how this affects you?

Dakota: It has actually been almost two years since the vets told my mom that I was a sick pup. They said I only had about a year to live IF the meds they had worked. Well, so much for their prediction. I am still here, wagging my tail, perking up my ears for treats, and enjoying all the love and hugs I get from my Mom and Dad. Sadly, the medication for Cushing's didn't work for me. I do have two different pain medications I take every day and they do help keep me comfortable. I have a couple of very bad lumpy things inside my body that are not being very nice to me. I also have very high blood pressure so I usually pace my days - I sleep a lot and you can usually find me stretched out somewhere comfy. My sickness makes me drink a lot of water and you know what means, what goes in must come out. So I do have to make a lot of trips to the grassy domain in my yard. My fur isn't quite as plush as it once was, and my weight keeps dropping - does give me a sexy waistline though. One other thing Cushing's does to me is make me hungry ALL the time. I guess I should consider myself lucky since I can eat and eat and not gain weight - I won't be a contestant on any Biggest Loser shows. All in all, I don't complain too much as long as no one accidentally bumps into me - THAT doesn't feel too good.I do want to take this opportunity to thank all your readers for all the good wishes they send my way. I love all of you very much.

Bark Kent: What's your favourite food or snack?

Dakota: Let's just say that the only things I don't like are bananas and pills.

Phantom: I'm the Picky Guy. I love turkey. I keep trying to get my tongue wrapped around some of Mom's tasty spaghetti WITH the yummy sauce, but she won't let me have it. And most any homemade treats are a big hit.

Thunder: Do rabbits and squirrels count? I keep hearing they are very tasty, but I can't seem to find any. Otherwise, I am a big Happy Hearts cookies fan, and a day with ice cream is just wonderful

Bark Kent: You've won a trip fur two to doggy paradise, who do you take and why?

Dakota: I think I would have to take my Mom because she makes me so happy.

Phantom: Hmmmm, that's a hard one - if I could find that puppy I keep searching for, that is who I would take.

Thunder: Not a doubt in the world - I would take my gorgeous sweetheart Kat - from The Washington Woos.

Bark Kent: Thank you furry much fur barking with me today. It's been a pleasure.

Dakota: No, we have to thank you, Bark, for making this possible - you do such a great job of keeping all of us blogging dogs up to date with everyone.

Phantom: Does this make us famous?

Thunder: Oh, I hope so, Phantom. I so want to be a star. And do tell everyone that I will share all the stuffies that grow on my stuffy tree - gotta run, time to water that pot.

Bark Kent: Next weeks nominees are: Army of Four, Ari, Joe & Tanner & Samantha. Please vote fur who you would like to see interviewed in next weeks Five Fur Friday by using the poll at the top right hand side of this blog. Until next time, this is Bark Kent signing out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A special announcement from Scooby

Hello Suzuki's furry friends. Scooby Doo here. Suzuki said I could borrow her blog today fur a furry special post. You all know the love of my life, Lady, from the Four Musketeers. We have been dating fur a little while now, and from the furry first kiss I knew she was "the one".

While I was ill recently, I thought a lot about her and how she cared fur me even when she should have bee celebrating Tahlia's recent Barkday... I made a furry BIG decision...
I barked out a poem of proposal...

You know that I love you
And I want to share my life
You do not have to live with me
To furever be my wife

I want to be your husband
And protect you like a brother
We will always share our dreams
And be there fur each other

I want to grow old with you
As we share our happiness and love
We can play together furever
Underneath the skies above

So I am laying here imagining
How happy we will be
As I give you this ring with a question
Will you Marry me?


I have purchased a beautiful engagement collar fur her and she should be receiving it soon.

We have not yet decided on a date or whether it will be a big or a small wedding, but, I would like to take this opportunity to ask Cody to be my best fur man?

I would also like to thank you all fur your paw crossing and good wishes while I was sick.
I am feeling much better now and the bleeding has stopped since, well, you know...

I now want to focus on my future with my beautiful wife to be, Lady.
I love you.

Hugs from your fiance Stud
Scooby Doo

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working with the Snuggle Puggle - Where's my fur?

OMDog! My fur has been dog-napped! That's right! Mummy shaved me and she took my fur away. I don't know where it's gone, but, I am going to spend my day working fur the Snuggle Puggle trying to find my fur.
Big licks to you

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Tahlia with Love...

No, they are mine! Rambo sent them to me.

Look at the difference in our paw sizes :) I don't mind though, Rambo is a BIG chi. All muscle of course! Please excuse my ratty looking nails. We don't like clippers and Mum is waiting on our new Pedi-Paws to arrive.
Thank you Rambo!

Rambo's cousin Pedro needs rocks fur his coffee table. So, a few weeks ago we went looking fur some fur him. Check out what we found over at Pedro's blog.
Tahlia xxx