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Big licks to you! My name is Suzuki aka Suzi. I am 8 years old and have lived with my Mum and Dad since I was 6 weeks old! I have a younger sister named Tahlia, a younger brother named Scooby Doo and a rabbit brother named Brandon. I am a water baby, I love the beach and my favourite past time is boogey boarding. I love the colour purple and lots of attention! I am a show off and love to compete in different competitions. I was in the WA finals for Pet Fashion Week in 2006 and I won Mandurah's Cutest Pet in 2007. I am also featured in the 2009 Dog A Day Calendar for the RSPCA as Miss 5th December. I have an older brother named Jerry-Lee who I dont see anymore... Mum says he went to the Rainbow Bridge and I will see him again one day.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Aki and Poopie said...

who is that suzi? dont go too near the pc, okay?

drooly kisses,


Suzuki said...

It was Tibby's Blog :)

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Heya Suzuki,
Catching up on the backlog of bloglogs.

Abby said...

Hi, Suzuki...

I love to read Tibby's Blog, too...

Abby xxxooo

Sara Alves said...

hummm so you love to blog to ah? :)
great job!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Hard at work blogging Aye Suzuki?
I has an award for you over at my blog. :)

~lickies, Ludo

Amber-Mae said...

Looks like you enjoy reading his bloggy!

Solid Gold Dancer

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Working hard at that computer Suzuki! Don't forget to nap!
-Kira and Scampi

Mason Dixie said...

I see you are catching up on your visiting. =)

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

great job on keepiong current!

Charlie said...

Cool picture Suzi! By the way, I already got the package. Mom will post the pictures soon. I quickly snatched the rope toy upon sniffing it and played with it. Then, I saw the purple ball and the sausage links and just went crazy. Too many toys, too little time!

Thanks very much.


Dewey Dewster said...

Hey Suzuki...

We biggified the picture but couldn't tell whose blog ya were lookin' at.....but we caught the words "The countdown begins...."

Don't strain yer eyes watchin' it....oooooo we see Abby's comment...it's Tibby's blog....we goota go visit....

Dewey Dewster here....

Anonymous said...

working hard or hardly working?? hahaha woof, t

GoldenSamantha said...

Love watching you watch the puter! See anyone you know???
Hugs xo

Kimberly said...

DID I LOSE YOU SUZUKI... did Bell pee on your bed... she didn't see you on her friends list anymore :(

us4 said...

Hi theres!
We just out visiting new blogs of furrfriends.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Getting ready for BINGO?


Nibbles Treats said...

Hey! That's Tibby!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Elizabeth and Luna said...

Hi Suzuki,
Just wanted to stop by and introuduce myself. I have seen your blog everywhere, you are such a great pup!

Rosie said...

Hi Suzuki - Looks like you are busy bloggin'. I still remember the days when we waited for the hoomans to leave before we did hooman stuff. Not anymore!!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Martha Basset said...

Good work - must keep up to speed with the blogs!
Martha & Bailey xx

Simba and Jazzi said...

Working hard on your blog there,

Simba and Jazzi xxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Keep on reading so you don't get too far behind on the blogs, Suzuki, like we are! *eye roll*

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Fred said...

Nice picture!

Rambo said...

He he he. Reading the bloggies today?
Tell Tahlia I will be ready for Scruff to pick me up on Thursday for her barkday party.
Can't wait.

Ziggy said...

Hi Suzuki,

Its always great to catch up on your blogging. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Happy Trails
Ziggy Marley

The Army of Four said...

Hey! Is that Tibby!?!
That's cool that you have your own computer. I've got to talk to my mom about that.
Play bows,

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Hey it's Tibby! Great picture..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Pipa said...

So theeeere you are!!!! :)


Joe Stains said...

dog blogging is too fun, glad you got to visit some friends!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzuki,

I tend to lick the screen when I get near the laptop! BOL!

Cute pic. :-)

Sniffs and licks,


Lorenza said...

Hi, Suzi!
I am doing the same!
Kisses and hugs

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Suzuki!

Selba said...

Wooohooo.. you got the laptop by your own? Great!

Adele, Vincent & Bella


That's cute.. a behind the scenes photo.

Momo and Pinot said...

Suzuki! That's what we really want to do all day long!!!

Congrats!! Your pic is really cool and you look so sporty!

Momo & Pinot

Mochi and Mommy said...

Cool pic! :) I'm still waiting for mom to buy me my pink laptop! :)


tula said...

hi Suzuki..

stop by my bloggie for an award!

toodles, tula

The OP Pack said...

Were you pawing off a message to Tibby?

Woos, the OP pack

NESSA the hovawart said...

Hi, Suzuki,

please stop by my blog I have something left there for you...
Big licks,